2014 Annual Meeting Summary

Thanks to everyone who attended the annual meeting on September 27. We had a good turnout but would love to have had even more!

The primary purpose of the annual meeting is to review the upcoming year’s budget and allow the riparian owners to vote on it. This year each committee chair reviewed their proposed budget and answered questions from the audience. The WWMD also recommended keeping the special charge the same this year at $175 annually per riparian property.

After questions and discussion, the proposed budget and special charge were approved by the riparian owners in attendance. In case you were wondering, you must be at an annual meeting to vote. Unfortunately, Chapter 33 which governs the WWMD does not allow us to accept absentee ballots. There is a Frequently Asked Question on our website that explains this in more detail.

Chairman Barbara Baron and Commissioner Andres Peekna were each re-elected to the board for three year terms.

One other topic that received a lot of attention at this year’s annual meeting is our need for volunteers. Each committee chair shared a description of the type of work they need volunteers to help with. You will see some of these “job descriptions” on the volunteer page. If you would like to help but never knew how, review these job descriptions and see if you would be a good candidate to take over one of these important jobs.

Finally, during the winter (October to March) we hold our monthly meetings on the fourth Saturday of the month at 9:00am in Town Hall. Please consider coming to a meeting and getting involved. The only way we can improve our waterway is with A LOT of help. There are approximately 1000 riparian owners, if we could have 10% actively involved we could make huge progress.

2015 Annual Meeting | September 26, 2015 at 9am | Waterford Town Hall