2018 Annual Meeting

Meeting Summary

  • The proposed budget was approved without changes.
  • An attempt to end the dredging project by removing its funding failed by a vote of 130 to 87.
  • Steve Larry and Greg Horeth were elected as commissioners to replace the expired terms of Gary Bluemel and Tom Hincz (who withdrew his nomination from the ballot).
  • The advisory referendum on a 2019/2020 winter drawdown vote was: 207 in favor, 44 against, and 14 need more information.

Waterford Waterway Management District Statement on a Winter Drawdown

The Waterford Waterway Management District has begun a comprehensive Lake Management Plan project to update our current Lake Management Plan. This project started in December of 2017 and is currently expected to finish in mid-2019. We are currently seeking state grant monies to help fund this project. The Lake Management Project includes the appropriate ecological studies and stakeholder participation components that will enable the WWMD, with the assistance of its consultant, Onterra, LLC, and the WDNR, to create a realistic and implementable Lake Management Plan that will guide the management of the Waterford Waterway in the coming years. Therefore, any decisions regarding large scale manipulations of the Waterford Waterway, such as a winter drawdown, will not be considered independently but will be made as part of our Lake Management Plan project.

WWMD Voting Policy

You can view the Waterford Waterway Management District Voting Policy here and the Voter Certification here.

Candidates for the WWMD Board

Click the names below to view the resumes for the candidates that are on the ballot for election to board positions.

      Tom Hincz

      Gregory Horeth

2018 Navigation and Hydrology Committee Annual Report

[UPDATED 9-19-2018]
This is the annual report of the Waterford Waterway Management District (WWMD). Navigation and Hydrology (NAH) Committee for 2018.

For close to 15 years, the district has been working to improve the waterway with numerous projects to stop the infiltration of materials that become sediment over time. This included
erosion projects such as the Grand Drive rip rap work and the installation of rock drainage beds along highway 164.

Over the last 9+ years, the Ecosystem Restoration subcommittee (ESR) committee has worked with Graef Engineering to find a way to remove ~500,000 cubic yards of excessive sediment
from the navigation channels within the impoundment as overseen by the district. To put this in scale, the sediment removed would fill the seating bowl of…    Read More

2018 Financing/Fund Raising Committee Annual Report

View the Financing/Fund Raising Committee Annual Report here.

2018 Information and Education Committee Annual Report

View the Information and Education Committee Annual Report here.