Aquatic Plant Management in 2015

Committee News

The first navigational treatment was completed on June 1st. We treated approximately 12 acres. 10 with the new herbicide,

Clipper, and 2 with the more traditional mixture as the WDNR did not permit us to use Clipper in the main river channels. Here is the map showing the GPS data of the treated area. The Red lines represent Clipper treatments and the Black the regular herbicides. Two areas were missed from the GPS data and these can be seen below.

Herbicidal Treatments

We have contracted with the same provider (Stantec) for the AIS Surveys and treatments. The survey will be done soon after the ice is gone and the AIS will be treated with a new combination of herbicides shortly after the survey. Navigational treatments will be performed on an as needed basis during the season. We expect to use the herbicide Clipper on a broad basis this season now that the DNR has given the go ahead. We have seen success with this herbicide in the trials aver the last 3 seasons.

Hydraulic Weed Removal

The process for obtaining the permits for hydraulic weed sucking has started for the Summer of 2015. In addition to the area north of Elm Island Dr. that was done last year, we are planning on weed sucking a large area in Buena Lake. The area will be the perimeter of the lake and an open area in the bay. This will be a six week process that will take place in June and July.

Citizens Lake Monitoring Network (CLMN)

Met with Rachel Sabre from the DNR regarding entering invasive species data and will be attending a class in April on identification of invasive species. Monitoring will begin in May.

Manual Weed Pulling

We are conducting three Manual Weed Pulling projects on the waterway this year. Last year’s effort in the bay to the east of Island View Court will be expanded, and two new sites have been chosen: the bay south of Elm Island Drive and the North East Corner of Conversancy Bay off of Forest Isle Lane. We need Volunteers to assist with transporting the weed bags filled by our divers to the shore. Please contact Chris Jones if you are interested in assisting:

Elm Island Bay – June 6th
Forest Isle Lane – June 27th
Island View Court – July 11th

Clean Boats Clean Waters (CBCW)

For the past two boating seasons, you might have noticed people in bright blue t-shirts with clipboards poking around watercraft and educating boaters. These dedicated and knowledgeable people are the volunteers and interns of our Clean Boats Clean Waters Program (CBCW.) CBCW is fully funded by the Wisconsin DNR; its purpose is to control and track the transport of Aquatic Invasive Species. We are entering our third year of inspections. This program has grown to become very popular with people interested in maintaining our beautiful waters and willing to volunteer their time towards this effort. Both volunteers and interns are trained to recognize the invasive species that can overtake our waterway.