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Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce Pontoon Tour


Boat Tour

The fourth annual WWMD presentation to the Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce occurred on August 16, 2016. The event was similar to prior pontoon boat tours of the Fox River, with the speakers discussing the “Commercial Value of the Fox River Watershed”.

Katy Engels, Executive Director of the Waterford Chamber of Commerce, welcomed guests from the business community, and introduced John Bjork, Chairman of the Marketing Committee. He discussed the history of the District which was founded in 2003. Information concerning accomplishments and structure of WWMD was highlighted. Current information was presented on the various methods of aquatic plant control, and the concern of the riparian owners about the accumulation of a large amount of silt which occurred with the extensive flooding of 2008.

leaving dockDave Spurloc, Chairman of the Information and Education Committee, addressed the proposed dredging project which received a permit from the WDNR on July 26th of this year. He also discussed the UW-Whitewater survey regarding riparian owners opinions concerning financing the dredging project. The possible future winter drawdown to control aquatic plant life was also mentioned.

Gary Hansen, Chairman of the Finance Committee, discussed financial implications of the dredging project for both riparian owners and the community. With continued deterioration in water quality, property values may decrease up to 28%. The scenic urban waterways statue enacted in 1984 was addressed as a possible mechanism for the State of Wisconsin’s assistance in the dredging project.

Rebecca Ewald, the Village of Waterford Administrator, highlighted recreational and economic benefits to the community with the development of the Waterway Trail and Ten Club Park.

The business community leaders were encouraged to assist WWMD’s efforts to encourage our political leaders to financially support the dredging project since it is a benefit for Southeastern Wisconsin.
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