We need help in many areas, the positions listed here are the most pressing. Please contact us if you’re interested in helping.


The Marketing Committee is looking for a volunteer to work with the Waterford Chamber of Commerce.


The finance committee is looking for volunteers to seek funding for our dredging project. This is a huge undertaking and we would like anyone who is interested in reducing the costs to our homeowners to join us.

We need people to research grants, write grants, seek local, county, State and federal support as well as private foundations and corporations. We plan to have a meeting of all those who might be willing to help shortly after the first of the coming year. This is an extremely important committee and we need as much input from our residents as possible.


We are seeking reporters to attend WWMD meetings and write articles for newsletters and website. We also need an event coordinator to assist in planning a community get together in the spring.


The APM Committee is seeking people to manage the following programs:

Library Launch Signage

  • Communicate with WDNR for signage requirements
  • Hire contractor
  • Get permits
  • Maintain signs

Clean Boats Clean Waters Coordinator

  • Apply for grant (2015 application already submitted)
  • Hire and manage an intern
  • Solicit volunteers to supplement inspection hours
  • Schedule training date with Wisconsin DNR
  • Order supplies
  • Request user ids for WDNR computer system
  • Prepare schedule
  • Verify that data from all inspectors is entered into WDNR computer system
  • Track volunteer hours
  • Prepare end-of-season report for grant reimbursement

Clean Boats Clean Waters Inspectors

  • Attend training session in Spring
  • Inspections of watercraft that enter and leave our waterway for transport of aquatic invasive plants


EMAIL US AT info@waterfordwwmd.com