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Dredging Project Phases & Budget for 2014-2015

Permit Application Phase – deadline to the WDNR 9/25/14 – Cost for permit application phase-$56,000.00

Project Proposed Work Plan and Approach with maps and exhibits;

  • Geotechnical investigation and related analysis;
  • Individual Dredging Permit Application (Form 3500-053);
  • WPDES Permit Application;
  • Wetland reports, alternative analyses, and permit applications for WDNR properties east and west of Marsh Road (sites B1 and B2), and jurisdictional determination and exemption request for the DeGrave property;
  • Conceptual dewatering pond layout and conceptual design;
    Conceptual Piping Routes and Work areas for four sites – WDNR sites B1 and B2, and A2, the DeGrave sand and gravel pit, and the Malchine property south of East River Bay Drive;
  • Conceptual piping route in river;
  • Shoreline access routes for equipment;
  • Contingency spill plan draft; and
  • Finish grading and restoration plans for WDNR sites B1 and B2.
  • WDNR and USACE review of application should take 2 to 3 months (TBD).

Review application – $5750.00

  • Respond to Permit Comments/WWMD and GRAEF to meet with WDNR and USACE regarding any minor changes.

Bid Document Phase – Cost for bid document phase- $55,000.00

  • Develop strategy and approach for work breakdown and bidding;
  • Collect and analyze samples of dewatered sediment sample(s) for parameters required by the WDNR to obtain approval for disposal of the dewatered sediment at residential and farm sites;
  • Complete a Sediment Settling Test using Corps of Engineers Manual EM 1110-2-5027 test method on a representative sediment sample for use in settling  pond design by contractor;
  • Prepare easements for pipe routes;
  • Complete wetland field delineation, reports and permit applications, and soil boring investigations at Rateike, Ranke, Frost and/or other properties;
  • Conduct negotiations and assist with obtaining agreements with owners of potential dewatering sites and/or dewatered sediment management sites;
  • Solicit interest from contractors;
  • Pre-qualify contractors;
  • Prepare bid documents;
  • Conduct pre-bid meetings;
  • Respond to questions from bidders; and
  • Assist in evaluation of contractor bids.

2014-2015 Budget:

Cost for permit application phase-$56,000.00

Cost for review application – $5750.00

Cost for bid document phase- $55,000.00

Contingencies- $9750.00

TOTAL- $126,500.00