What are the rules for hand harvesting weeds in my own waterfront area?

Following are measures that a riparian owner can take to improve their own areas.  None of which require a permit:

  • You are allowed to manually remove all free-floating, unattached vegetation along your shore and around your pier, as far out into the water as you like.
  • You can manually pull out and remove all Invasive Species as far out from your shore as you can wade.
  • For all other vegetation, you can manually clear a 30ft wide path. This path can go as far into the water as you can wade.

Many people use a weed rake to do this.  You can purchase one online from weedersdigest.com. They may also be available at River City Marina in town. Alternatively the WWMD has a few rakes to lend. If you would like to borrow one see a Commissioner at one of our monthly meetings. Please note that is especially important to pull those lily pads because they will get out of control very quickly.