Monthly Meeting

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for Saturday, 2/27/2016 at 9 a.m. You can find more information on the events page.

Did you hear about the annual meeting?

Check out our latest mini newsletter that talks about the rate increase and how it came about at the annual meeting.

Waukesha Diversion Application

WWMD, the FRC, as well as the Town and Village of Waterford have been monitoring the City of Waukesha’s Diversion Application. The public meeting was attended, and responses from all four (over 3,000 comments were received) were sent to the DNR in opposition. We discussed at August 2015 meeting. Now that the application has been sent on to the other states, we’re preparing our comments to forward to the governing bodies who are handling the approval. WE CAN’T DO THIS ALONE. WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP IN KEEPING ABREAST OF THIS SITUATION AND GETTING THE WORD OUT. Contact any board member to volunteer.

Starry Stonewort

A new invasive species, Starry Stonewort, has been detected in some local lakes. This species has been known to cause nuisance conditions in Michigan, New York and Indiana but is new to Wisconsin. Our waterway has been surveyed and none has been detected. Our Clean Boats/Clean Water program is checking boats at the Library Launch and we have no reports of any being found.

The information we have received from the WI DNR clarifies that Starry Stonewort does not kill fish and the lake will not ‘die’ if this plant becomes established. However, it can affect the aquatic plant community and alter the aquatic habitat in the waterway. We will include Starry Stonewort in our pre- and post-season surveys and if it were to be found it will be included in our Lake Management plans.

Riparian Owners… We Need Your Help

Every person working on the WWMD is a volunteer. If you like what you’re seeing, join us and help us do more. If you want to see changes, join us and encourage change. Either way, your opinion and actions can have the same impact as all the other volunteers of the WWMD. We need help in many areas. Check the volunteer page to see our most pressing needs.

Adopt-A-Buoy Program

Picture1Officer Chesen is very grateful to the Waterway Management District volunteers who have greatly improved the effectiveness of the Lighted Buoys. Since the District became involved in management of this program the lights are much more reliable and provide important safety. The buoys cost approximately $130 and the lights $135. Some of the buoys have been damaged in the past and boaters can incur a citation costing $187.90. One of our goals is to educate the public of the value of these buoys.

There are currently 15 lighted buoys on the waterways and two more are available for sponsorship. The cost is $135 and includes the light and two stickers for the buoy with the name chosen by the donor. A new battery for $35 is required every two years. For further information, please contact a commissioner.