Navigational Treatment

The first navigational treatment of the year was completed on June 1st. See the APM page for details

Aquatic Plant Control Permit

As in prior seasons, we will be using Herbicides for control of Aqautic Invasive Species (AIS) and navigational needs. Our permit application to the WDNR can be found here

Riparian Owners… We Need Your Help

Every person working on the WWMD is a volunteer. If you like what you’re seeing, join us and help us do more. If you want to see changes, join us and encourage change. Either way, your opinion and actions can have the same impact as all the other volunteers of the WWMD. We need help in many areas. Check the volunteer page to see our most pressing needs.

Adopt-A-Buoy Program

Picture1Officer Chesen is very grateful to the Waterway Management District volunteers who have greatly improved the effectiveness of the Lighted Buoys. Since the District became involved in management of this program the lights are much more reliable and provide important safety. The buoys cost approximately $130 and the lights $135. Some of the buoys have been damaged in the past and boaters can incur a citation costing $187.90. One of our goals is to educate the public of the value of these buoys.

There are currently 15 lighted buoys on the waterways and two more are available for sponsorship. The cost is $135 and includes the light and two stickers for the buoy with the name chosen by the donor. A new battery for $35 is required every two years. For further information, please contact a commissioner.