To All Riparian Owners

On behalf of the WWMD Commissioners, we wanted to thank everyone for your attendance and participation at our annual meeting. The annual meeting is the opportunity for all to discuss and approve our annual budget, elect commissioners and discuss key issues and challenges we face in the future and for the commissioners to get feedback directly from riparian owners.

The commissioners are hoping that the energy we felt at the meeting will translate into added participation and involvement in the key plans and priorities that support and improve our waterway.

Thank you again and we are hoping to see all of you again at the next monthly meeting which is scheduled for Saturday October 27th at the Town Hall at 9 AM.


Barbara Baron
WWMD Chairwoman

Notice of Public Meeting

The next regular meeting of the WWMD Board will be held on Saturday, October 27 at 9:00 am at Waterford Town Hall at 415 N. Milwaukee St.

DNR Small Scale Dredging Permit

The DNR has released a new small scale dredging general permit available for riparian land owners. The permit would allow for the removal of up to 50 cubic yards of material per year from a waterway for the purposes of navigation. For more information, see the 2017 Wisconsin Act 214, which was enacted on April 3, 2018.

Waterford Waterway Management District Statement on a Winter Drawdown, 1-27-2018

The Waterford Waterway Management District has begun a comprehensive Lake Management Plan project to update our current Lake Management Plan. This project started in December of 2017 and is currently expected to finish in mid-2019. We are currently seeking state grant monies to help fund this project. The Lake Management Project includes the appropriate ecological studies and stakeholder participation components that will enable the WWMD, with the assistance of its consultant, Onterra, LLC, and the WDNR, to create a realistic and implementable Lake Management Plan that will guide the management of the Waterford Waterway in the coming years. Therefore, any decisions regarding large scale manipulations of the Waterford Waterway, such as a winter drawdown, will not be considered independently but will be made as part of our Lake Management Plan project.


The proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year was approved by the riparian owners at the annual meeting on September 22 and can be viewed here. You can view the budget for the previous fiscal years here.