Annual Meeting

The WWMD Annual Meeting is coming up on Saturday, 9/27, 9am at Town Hall. We will NOT be voting on the dredging project at this meeting since we are still working on getting firm bids for the project. We will be voting on the 2014-2015 budget. You can find all the information you need to be prepared for the meeting by going to the meeting event page here. or check out an electronic copy of our newsletter here.

The Weeds… we’re trying some new approaches this year

The Aquatic Plant Management (APM) Committee has been trying some new things this year to help control the weeds. These have been small experiments and we hope to expand the use of any successful approaches next year. To learn more about what we’re doing and see videos of several of the areas, check out the APM committee page.

The most recent experiment was weed harvesting with suction. Our test area was the channel north of Elm Island Drive during the week of August 5th. The green shaded area in the map to the right was the area treated.

At the end of August we toured the area in a kayak and posted two videos, one going eastbound filming straight ahead and one going westbound filming down into the water. The kayak route is shown in red on the map. You can see the videos below.

Channel North of Elm Island Drive, traveling eastbound

Channel North of Elm Island Drive, traveling westbound

Informational Meeting

We had an amazing turnout at our informational meeting at the end of June. The meeting covered the details of the EcoSystem Restoration Project (a.k.a. dredging). If you were not able to attend we’ve posted it along with all the presentations and handouts. It’s all on the event page here.