The Barge is up for Adoption

WWMD is getting rid of the old barge we used to collect samples of the bottom and to determine the sediment depth for the dredging project. We are offering it to riparian owners of the district and would like to get $200 (OBO) for it, which will help us fund projects next year. Of course, donations above that will graciously be accepted. It’s AS IS, WHERE IS, there is no motor or registration. The left tube has water in it due to a small leak.

If you are interested, contact Dick Kosut, 262-895-6060.

WWMD Barge


The Graef Report on Aeration for Waterford Lakes can be read on the Special Projects Committee page. There are also new links for the UW-Whitewater Water Quality Measurements and the Lake Savers Project Results Update 2016.

Proposed Over Winter Drawdown

Additional information regarding the proposed over winter drawdown can be found at the Aquatic Plant Management Page.

Navigational Treatment

The first navigational treatment was completed on June 2nd. The new, more effective, herbicide Clipper was used in the lanes in Red, and the more traditional mixture was used in the lanes in Green. The WDNR did not permit us to use Clipper in the main river channels. Here is the map showing the GPS data of the treated area. The second navigational treatment will be done in early July.

Monthly Meeting

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 28, 2016 at 7 pm at Waterford Town Hall.

Waukesha Water Diversion

The Conference of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers has unanimously approved Waukesha’s request to divert up to 8,200,000 gallons of Lake Michigan water per day. This is water that will not be put into the Fox River, which could be up to 1/3 of the daily flow during times of low flow in summer.


FIX the FOX Listening Sessions

As posted earlier on our Facebook page and our Website we had tentatively scheduled a series of meetings to bring everyone up to speed on our ESR (Dredging) project. However, based on a series of meetings (yet to be scheduled) that will come up with the DNR and the Draw Down we are in the process of revising our proposed dates. Our reasoning is that we want to see what the schedule is from the DNR and the Draw Down before we reschedule to coordinate and maximize everyone’s time. Our objective remains constant: bring everyone up to speed on the “Why” (Economic, Environmental and Social Value) we propose dredging and the projected cost of not dredging to each of us, our community and surrounding communities; make sure everyone is current on the ”How” by sharing the latest on ESR (Dredging) project after we receive final DNR approval so that you all have the latest facts; and last “Do It(Straw Vote)?” meeting is to have a straw vote once we all have the same set of facts and we have heard from everyone. We will hold these discussions and the Straw Vote in a suitable venue so that all who wish to participate, can be heard.

More later on all the meetings coming up: DNR, Draw Down and Fix the Fox as soon as possible.

2016 AIS Treatments

As in prior years, we completed the treatment for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) this Spring. We applied for the permit back in March, here is a link to the application and the pre-treatment survey, to identify where we had AIS growth, was done in April. Treatments covering almost 90 acres were done on May 5th and 6th, if you were within 150 feet of a treatment area you would have had a notice attached to your pier. Follow these links to show areas treated in the northern and southern areas of the waterway

Starry Stonewort

A new invasive species, Starry Stonewort, has been detected in some local lakes. This species has been known to cause nuisance conditions in Michigan, New York and Indiana but is new to Wisconsin. Our waterway has been surveyed and none has been detected. Our Clean Boats/Clean Water program is checking boats at the Library Launch and we have no reports of any being found.

The information we have received from the WI DNR clarifies that Starry Stonewort does not kill fish and the lake will not ‘die’ if this plant becomes established. However, it can affect the aquatic plant community and alter the aquatic habitat in the waterway. We will include Starry Stonewort in our pre- and post-season surveys and if it were to be found it will be included in our Lake Management plans.