Appointment of new WWMD Commissioner and Treasurer

Tom Hincz was appointed as a WWMD Commissioner and the WWMD Treasurer in a special meeting Thursday, August 2. Tom replaces Margaret Shoptaw who resigned. Tom will serve for the remainder of Margaret’s term which expires September 22, 2018. Tom will stand for election at our annual meeting September 22, 2018.

We are very pleased to have Tom join us as a Commissioner and Treasurer.
Tom brings his extensive expertise, experience and contacts to the WWMD. In addition Tom is the Chairman of the Town of Waterford. Tom is also a Racine County Supervisor.

We thank Margaret Shoptaw for her years of service and her many contributions over the years of her service. Margaret has definitely made a positive difference and we are in a better place because of her experience, expertise and contributions.

Notice of Public Meeting

The next regular meeting of the WWMD Board will be held on Thursday, August 23 at 7:00 pm at Waterford Town Hall at 415 N. Milwaukee St.

DNR Small Scale Dredging Permit

The DNR has released a new small scale dredging general permit available for riparian land owners. The permit would allow for the removal of up to 50 cubic yards of material per year from a waterway for the purposes of navigation. For more information, see the 2017 Wisconsin Act 214, which was enacted on April 3, 2018.

Waterford Waterway Management District Bid Request, 2-7-2018

The Waterford Waterway Management District (WWMD) is soliciting bids for 2018 and 2019 control of Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM) and navigation lane maintenance through herbicide applications on the Waterford Waterway, Racine County. The Waterford Waterway includes Tichigan Lake, Buena Lake, portions of the (Illinois) Fox River, and small locally-named bays and basins. Project description, bidding specifications and performance requirements can be found here. More information can be found by accessing the interim plan here.

Waterford Waterway Management District Statement on a Winter Drawdown, 1-27-2018

The Waterford Waterway Management District has begun a comprehensive Lake Management Plan project to update our current Lake Management Plan. This project started in December of 2017 and is currently expected to finish in mid-2019. We are currently seeking state grant monies to help fund this project. The Lake Management Project includes the appropriate ecological studies and stakeholder participation components that will enable the WWMD, with the assistance of its consultant, Onterra, LLC, and the WDNR, to create a realistic and implementable Lake Management Plan that will guide the management of the Waterford Waterway in the coming years. Therefore, any decisions regarding large scale manipulations of the Waterford Waterway, such as a winter drawdown, will not be considered independently but will be made as part of our Lake Management Plan project.


You can view the budget for the fiscal year here. The riparian owners who attended the annual meeting voted to approve this budget which includes an increase in the annual special assessment to riparian owners. The new assessment will be $250, an increase of $25 from last year, which was necessary to fund our annual operations.