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Annual Meeting - Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Annual Budget Passes

Saturday's annual meeting with riparian owners was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who attended in person or joined virtually. The commission shared the successes and opportunities from the past fiscal year as well as presented and successfully passed the 2021-2022 annual budget by a vote of 91 In Favor and 24 against.

This vote will enable the commission to continue on the successes of this year and build on our collaborations with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Early reports from the DNR suggest our experimental treatment of Eurasian milfoil in Buena Lake have all, but eradicated the invasive weed. The commission looks to expand this treatment as we continue to work alongside the DNR.

While the year started off with a huge boom in weed growth, the commission matched that with an increase in management practices. While we still have many areas to improve, we are motivated by the comments of riparian owners as we continue to engage the community as we improve the waterway for all. Please stay engaged with us as we make continual changes. Enjoy the time left on the water before it's time to walk on it and ice fish! Thank you again for everyone's involvement and our partners Tichigan Lake Lions Club and Waterford Police Department.

Commissioners Greg Horeth and Margaret Shoptaw were also successfully re-elected to the board. Greg will remain as the chairman and Margaret will remain as treasurer.

Watch the meeting below (Passcode): ^%fpK8$B

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Meeting Agenda (Includes Budget)
Annual Meeting Presentation

Welcome to the WWMD 

Mission: Maintain, protect, and improve the quality of the Waterford Waterway, its fisheries, its watershed, and boundaries; while maintaining the highest possible quality of living experience for its residents.

The district includes Tichigan Lake, Conservancy Bay, Buena Lake, Waterford Lake, and the Fox River. 

Small Scale Dredging Project

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Project Description

The objective of this project is to address and improve water depths in areas adjacent to the channels already identified in the past as requiring dredging, but at a smaller scale that may be approved and funded at a faster pace than previous dredging efforts with minimal or no engineering/consulting costs. The project would follow the guidelines of an existing DNR dredging permit for individual riparian owners allowing up to 50 cubic yards of sediment per property to be removed each year for the next three years. One permit per year will be filed for approximately 500 owners, at a cost that the majority of owners will agree to by vote, which would then be added to tax levies.
Below you will find a variety of information related to the project. For a complete project description please click below.  Project Brief

Project Description

Life on the Water

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Our waterway offers an array of outdoor activities all year long. We would like to see how our owners and local community members utilize the waterway throughout the year. Your photos could be featured on the website and social media.  

Partnerships in Action

“Waterford Police Department Patrol Boat Gets a New Look”

The WWMD board of commissioners approved financial assistance to the Waterford Police Department to make necessary upgrades to their patrol boat. The WWMD's funds were used to wrap the boat in new "clearly" identifiable markings, a new light system, and a PA system. The WWMD is committed to improving safety within the watershed and this was an important step in ensuring increased safety. 

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