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February Monthly Meeting

The WWMD board of commissioners will have their regular meeting on Thursday, February 25 at 7 p.m. 

In Person: Waterford Town Hall (Seating limited to 10 persons. Masks and social distancing required) 
Online: Zoom Meeting Link 

See the proposed agenda below: 

Meeting Agenda
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Welcome to the WWMD 

Mission: Maintain, protect, and improve the quality of the Waterford Waterway, its fisheries, its watershed, and boundaries; while maintaining the highest possible quality of living experience for its residents.

The district includes Tichigan Lake, Conservancy Bay, Buena Lake, Waterford Lake, and the Fox River. 

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The Big Questions

Purchasing an Weed Harvester

Why an EcoHarvester?

Traditional weed cutters must have at least 5ft of water to navigate. With a majority of our waterway under the 5ft minimum we are limited on our ability to keep navigable channels free of weeds. We rely heavily on chemical treatments for these shallow areas. The EcoHarvester can operate in water that is 2ft or less in some cases. Additionally, the harvester pulls weeds from their roots rather than cutting. We expect to see significant impacts on our weeds with the use of the EcoHarvester

Why an EcoHarvester?

What is an EcoHarvester?

Check out the link below to learn more about the EcoHarvester from the manufacturer. 

The Ecoharvester can function as a weed cutter and a weed puller. 

The commission is proposing purchasing an EcoHarvester, a trailer to haul and store it, a truck to pull it and a dump trailer to dump weeds in designated dumping areas. 

Learn More about the EcoHarvester

The EcoHarvester Costs

EcoHarvester: $88,849
Trailer: $38,000
4WD Truck: $25,000

The DNR has requested a live demo on our waterway prior to permitting approval. (Learn more by clicking below).

DNR Demo: $4,200 

Life on the Water

Send us photos of your Life on the Water

Our waterway offers an array of outdoor activities all year long. We would like to see how our owners and local community members utilize the waterway throughout the year. Your photos could be featured on the website and social media.  

Chairman's Message 

“Happy New Year and welcome to the Waterford Waterway Management District (WWMD) new Website”

 Our commission operates under the purpose and guidance of our Mission Statement, “Maintain, protect, and improve the quality of the Waterford Waterway, its fisheries, its watershed, and boundaries; while maintaining the highest possible quality of living experience for its residents”. As we begin this new year, we are thrilled at the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment of our board of 7 commissioners to fulfill the responsibilities in upholding the Mission Statement.

We have the pleasure of serving both the almost 1,000 Riparian Owners as well as this part of Southeast Wisconsin’s water community. The WWMD administers its responsibilities through the effective management and guidance of 7 targeted committees who under the leadership of their respective chairpersons are designed to work with the community to achieve its Goals and Objectives. These include:

Treasurer (Finance) - Margaret Shoptaw
Secretary - Dan Schultz
Aquatic Plant Management (APM) - Bill McCormick
EcoSystem Restoration (ESR) - Grant Horn
Information/Education/Marketing(I&E) - Alex Abendschein
Special Projects (SP) - Scott Uhler

This is your leadership so always feel free to reach out to contact any of us with your thoughts or ideas on how we can all work together to achieve the overall mission statement (contact info listed below).

A key element of our objectives will be achieved through our proactive and effective communication with the riparian owners. To that end, we are pleased to roll out this new website to get 2021 started off on an exciting new beginning. This site under the leadership of the I&E committee is targeted on quality and useful information about the waterway, interactive platforms to communicate on, and a section that is geared to everyone that gets to enjoy the waterway called, “Lake Life”. We hope you will take some time to navigate through the site and enjoy the content.

We will have a number of new initiatives to highlight in this upcoming year which will include added focus on treating our largest challenge of, managing “weeds” and many other recreational opportunities. Through our plan of purchasing our own equipment to address this, special navigational lane treatment plans in conjunction with the WDNR, whole lake events/activities for all to enjoy, more frequent e-newsletters/mailings to riparian owners and the community, and much more!  We are all very excited about what the future will hold.

Looking forward to connecting in the upcoming months and please stay safe and healthy!

Greg Horeth 
WWMD Chairman 

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