2023 Weed Harvesting Schedule

The 2023 weed harvesting operations will begin May 12. Attention will first be placed on Tichigan Lake in preparation for ProcellaCOR treatments on eurasian milfoil (a non-native invasive species of weed). Cutting prior to treatments maximizes results. The whole lake treatment has a three year warranty. 

Harvesting equipment includes the following: 

- Two weed cutters

- Transfer Barge 

- Truck and Dump Trailer  

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Committee Documents 

Herbicidal Treatment Permit


Filed with the DNR to allow treatment of specific areas throughout the waterway

Aquatic Invasive Species Areas


Data on areas that contain aquatic invasive specials such as Eurasian Water Millfoil. Buena Lake Report

Navigational Lanes/Herbicidal Treatment


Where treatments were performed 

Mechanical Harvesting Lanes


Areas identified as navigation lanes and how mechanical harvesting was performed



Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) used in shallow bay locations where traditional week cutting and chemical treatment is limited.