About the WWMD


Maintain, protect, and improve the quality of the Waterford Waterway, its fisheries, its watershed, and boundaries; while maintaining the highest possible quality of living experience for its residents.


The district was formed in response to a petition signed by nearly 60% of riparian owners in 2002. The Waterford Waterway Management District (WWMD) is a special unit of government regulated by Wisconsin State Statutes. There are about 100 waterway districts in Wisconsin, WWMD being one of the largest with approximately over a thousand riparian properties located in the district. Seven commissioners govern the district. The Racine County Board of Supervisors appoints one commissioner, and the Town of Waterford Supervisors appoints one commissioner; the remainder of the positions are elected by the riparian district members. Please feel free to contact the commissioners regarding any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.


The WWMD was formed in January of 2003. Since then, volunteers have contributed hundreds of hours and accomplished many important projects aimed at preserving and improving our waterway. 

People of the Lakes

People of the Lakes: A Guide for Wisconsin Lake Organizations discusses the two major types of lake organizations in Wisconsin: Lake Associations and Lake Districts. It includes chapters on formation, operation, planning, and insurance that pertain to both types of organizations, as well as chapters with information unique to each type.

Download the Full People of the Lakes