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RFP process was unsuccessful in gaining any contractors to complete the project. The WWMD plans to go out for bid again in the fall of 2022.  (WWMD letter to riparian owners included in links below)

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Ecosystem Restoration Dredging Project Update

September 24, 2019 – The DNR mandated a 2-year pilot study to include proof of concept to dredge and dewater 7,000 cubic yards removed from conservancy bay in year 1, with land spreading in year 2. This is basically a science project to see if we can do it. Information collected during this pilot study would determine the feasibility of the process and if successful, form the basis for engineering, plans, permits, bidding, and funding needed for the removal and disposal of the remaining material. Bidding for the pilot project was done in September. The one bid we received was for $1,999,750. Project management, contingencies and overhead push the budget to $2,325,000. The committee is not recommending proceeding with this proposal. Because this portion of the project did not go as expected, the pilot project will not happen as mandated by the DNR. Our efforts will shift from the anticipated contract negotiations to streamlining the project to eliminate unnecessary expenses and bring it back at a reasonable cost. The DNR will have to come up with a simpler, cheaper way to do the pilot (science) project to determine the feasibility of land spreading.

Annual Report

DNR Small Scale Dredging Permit

Updated May 26, 2019 – There is a small scale dredging general permit available from the DNR for riparian land owners for the navigational dredging of man-made impoundments (GP20), that was issued on September 27, 2018. It allows for the removal of up to 50 cubic yards of material per year from a waterway for the purposes of navigation. There are specific eligibility standards as well as a self-certification that an applicant is required to complete as part of the process which addresses the type of material being dredged.